Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Ghost Writer

Let me start this review off with a word of advice: for those of you who do not know what a ghost writer actually is, google it, I made the mistake of thinking that it was going to be about a ghost who actually writes books too.

Hands down, my favorite Roman Polanski film EVER (sorry Johnny Depp and The Ninth Gate)!This film stars Ewan McGregor, of Star Wars fame, and his unnamed ghost writer character. That's right, the main character goes this entire movie without ever being named! This adds to the overall mystery of the film and leaves us wondering "how well do we really know our main characters?".

McGregor plays his character with such precision, bringing enough charm and humor The Ghost without having him being too obnoxious. Ewan also exposes the sympathetic side of his character and lets the audience get attatched to him without "getting attatched" to him. McGregor's co-star, Pierce Brosnan, of 'Bond' fame, also shines in this movie. Brosnan does not talk a whole lot in this movie, in fact, you could argue that it is Olivia Williams who is indeed the co-star, not Brosnan. However, whenever Brosnan is on the screen he captures the audience's attention and draws all kinds of emotions from the audience: "do we trust him or do we not? is he a good guy or is he not?" These are the questions Pierce leaves us wondering all the way through the movie.

This film, also co-writen by Polanski, highlights Polanski's best attributes as a director, such as very small camera movements that seem so flawless that the audience probably does not even notice.

The Ghost Writer is a good movie and I definitely recommend this one to fans of the mystery genre.

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