Monday, April 26, 2010

Clash of the Titans

This film could have easily been  tittled Clash of Every Big Action Film that Last Decade Had to Offer. Now even though most of this storyline originates from its own original mythology, I could not help but pick up on a few things from other action films such as 300, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Batman Begins, and even a few elements of it reminded me of Star Wars, and of course two of the most prominant roles in this film are played by fammed action stars Liam Neeson from Taken and Sam Worthington from Avatar and the newer Terminator film. Despite elements from previous popular action movies, this film still falls short of any high expectation.

Seeing is how this film hardly has any good aspects to it, let's start off with the really bad stuff and work our way up from there. For me the worst part about this film was the fact that the whole first half of it was just soo boring. After our hero, Perseus, is introduced, the film spends the next 45 minutes lulling you to sleep with boring banter between characters who's uninspired actors are obviously just in it for the money. The script is not that creative but even worse still was sitting there for almost two hours trying to make it through these actors' snoozeworthy preformances. Sam Worthington, who plays our hero in this film, gives his most boring preformance as an actor yet, literally spending the entire quarter of the film staring at the gound, mumbling his lines. Liam Neeson on the other hand... Well, he's Liam Neeson.

The direction in this film is not a total blowout. With camera sweeps and motions that are obviously inspired by Peter Jackson for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, director Louis Leterrier succeeds in showing us the beautiful landscape in the story. If only he had focused half as hard on actually telling the story (but I guess, what are you going to do? I mean he did direct the first two Transporter films).

Last, but not least, we finally reach the "good" aspect about this film- the CGI (computer generated imagery). I do have to give the guys who worked on this film's CGI credit because it is some of the best I have ever seen. From the ghastly gorgon to the killer kracken this film is beautifully crafted and it actually turned out to be some pretty nice eyecandy (for those of you strong enough to stay awake past the first half of the movie). Another decent aspect of this film were the action scenes. Now, besides the fact that they do not start to happen until the last half of the film, the action department was not lacking; however, most of it was choppy and hard to follow. I could not fathom trying to take all that in at once in 3D.

Overall I was not disappointed with this film because, honestly, I was not expecting much. I went into this movie because I wanted to see a couple of guys fight and that is exactly what I got. It is the combination of the action and the CGI that really saves this film from beeing a total disaster and that is why I give this film only 2 stars out of 4. I think you can wait for the DVD for this one.


  1. "even though most of this storyline originates from its own original mythology"

    Dude, it's based on Greek mythology. You know it's kinda a religion...

  2. but it's all myth. hence the word "mythology".