Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey, Mama, Welcome to the 80's

Which decade is this? Last time I checked the year was 2010, the beginning of a new decade. Why, then, when you walk into a movie theater does it feel like you've stepped back in time 30 years?

Have you ever stopped inside your local movie theatre and taken the time to actually look at all the movies being advertised, whether it be on a big screen t.v. they have hanging up in the lounge, a poster hanging up on the wall, or a giant cardboard cutout? If you haven't, take some time next time and just peruse around. For those of you who have, does it bring back any memories?

Sequels, Prequels, and Remakes.

Look at this, a new A Nightmare On Elm Street movie came out in February of this year. I am sorry but Wes Craven's original, released in 1984 mind you, is a classic and it didn't need a remake ( added on with countless, terrible sequels ) to ruin it for this generation.

Who was a bigger movie star than Tom Cruise in the 80's? Nobody. That's who.  So what would a step back into the 80's be without Mr. Cruise? Let's see here... How nostalgic can we make this? Oh! I know. Let's get Tom Cruise to play a secret agent and have him co-star with another pretty actress! How original.

"Wax on, wax off". Sound familiar? Well how about, "Jacket on, jacket off"? If none of this is ringing a bell then you must be living under a rock because whether you grew up in the 80's or today, there is a Karate Kid for everybody. 

So you say that none of this sounds familiar? That the only thing you remember from the 80's is Schwarzenegger going mono-e-mono with an intergalactic space alien? Don't worry. We got something for you too. Predators is set for release later this month so if you're ready to relive those masculine memories,  you don't have to wait too long.

Ahh. Good, old Wall Street. We love you and trust you and look forward to the next financial collapse. Oh, sorry. That's not the same Wall Street. For those of you who are Michael Douglas fans ( and I know that's ALL of you ), you probably loved 1987's Wall Street, which brought Douglas an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Well Douglas fans, it's your time to shine again because Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is hitting theaters later this year. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Shia LaBeouf will be in it, for all you new millenials.

So who's fault is it that we're spending the beginning of this new decade in the middle of decade that started 30 years ago? Is Hollywood to blame for the lack of original storytelling? No. Unfortunately it is us, the moviegoers. We spend $7 to go see something that was brand new almost 30 years ago. Is this bad? For those of us who like the same old, same old it isn't; however, for those of us who like original stories and seeing something that's new to us, it is. Maybe we just like the nostalgia.

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