Monday, January 3, 2011

Review: Unstoppable

Tony Scott and Denzel Washington continue their love affair with trains with their second railway flick in a row. Don't let this sidetrack you, Unstoppable is a fast-paced, action-packed hour and a half of enthralling entertainment goodness.

Director Tony Scott knows the formula for perfect, over-the-top, headache-evoking, action films; however, he doesn''t always get it right; with Unstoppable, Scott perfects it. This film mixes a good balance of noisy, boisterous action with likable characters played by the right leads.

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine both bring their A game as members of two different feuding generations fighting over the same jobs. Unfortunately, the two get partnered up and have to learn to live with one another. Washington and Pine are both so experienced with action films that when things get intense, and they do, everything just felt natural. However, the thing that probably makes this movie special is its adoration for its characters. Another thing these two actors do a great job at doing is playing likable characters so when their back stories come up, we really start to like these guys and that owes a lot to these two actors' unique chemistry.

This is a story about a runaway train so it better be exciting. Don't worry, Tony Scott wouldn't leave us hanging like that. Outside the brotherly bonding between the leads, this movie is almost nonstop action and when there isn't any action, it's building up to it, which is what makes this film so much fun to watch: when it isn't keeping the audience's eyes glued to the screen with some intense train-on-train action, it's giving us something to look forward to while still keeping our attention with these likable characters.

I think it's fair to say that all the way around, this is an entertaining film. From exciting action sequences with some awesome camera shots to the likable characters and their back stories to the witty dialogue and news reels that make us feel like we're watching everything live, this movie will definitely keep your attention from the time it pulls out of the station to the very end. This is one heck of a ride.

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