Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review: Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Through the years, mankind has found enjoyment out of watching masculine dudes dress in drag. So much so that Hollywood has given us exactly that, over and over again, to the point where we've become desensitized to it.

Lawrence regrettably returns to his most prominent role as Big Momma in this totally unnecessary third enstallment of the franchise. This time around, Lawrence must go back undercover as Big Momma to recover a flash drive hidden away in the bowels of the Georgia Girl School for the Arts. Unfortunately his son (played by Brandon T. Jackson) witnessed a murder and must accompany his father in order to keep hidden from the bad guys.  

What follows? A bunch of unfunny, unconcievable dialouge and grotesque slapstick (as if we really needed to see Big Momma or her great niece naked). Nothing any of these characters has to say is fuuny or witty and after a short while it becomes apparent that this script is lacking even the slightest signs of intelligent life. It's amost as if every character is engaged in a compettition of who can utter the dumbest line.

Eventually this new 'Big Momma' begins to cater to every unfunny, racial stereotype typical of this type of comedy. We got the horny black man looking for love in all the wrong places (it was only remotely funny in the first 'Big Momma'), the black kid who wants to drop college to become a hip-hop star, the white bad guy with a funny accent, and of course the preppy white, teenage girl who thinks that being skinny means being hot.  

None of this is entertaining and it all turns this film into a boring, predictable, unfunny comedy that is an early contender for worst movie of the year. Here's to hoping that Martin Lawrennce retires the fat suit for good.

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