Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Just Go With It

When somebody asks you to fake being their wife so that they can get some from some girl they just met and it leads into living a complete lie for an entire week accompanied by pointless shenanigans, you say no.

Adam Sandler keeps up his losing streak starring as Danny, a plastic surgeon who tricks half-witted women into bed by wearing a wedding ring and making up some sob story about a fictitious wife who beats him. Jennifer Aniston is likeable but not probable as Danny's apathetic assistant who just goes with it, even allowing her children to be brought in on it without even batting an eye. Sandler and Aniston do work well together; however, it isn't enough to make this a good movie.

The supporting cast, for the most part, is annoying and not even a star like Nicole Kidman or funnyman Nick Swardson can do much to help out. Even the children, played by Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck, can get irritating at times with their constant malicious scheming and whinning. Actually, none of these characters are plausible. Sandler is a jerk who sleeps with a different woman every weekend and then tells Aniston about it, which makes me wonder why she falls in love with him in the first place and then he spends almost the entire movie treating her kids like dirt yet, in the end, they all love each other and we're supposed to buy into it.

This movie pretty much follows the same dull layout as many other Adam Sandler film. As my Law of Sandler states: once you've seen one Adam Sandler film, you've seen them all. Adam plays an ignorant jerk who somehow still finds success in his life, meets some nice girl, falls in love, lives happily ever after, while still finding time to treat some kids and his friends like garbage.

Adam Sandler knows how to ruin a perfectly decent comedy: take a potentially amusing situation and throw in a bunch of vulgar or silly antics that take away from the integrity of the film. Thanks to this, a lot of the humor in Just Go With It  falls flat. Case in point: in one scene Swardson pile drives a sheep, something that shold be funny but isn't because he is also performing a number of gross actions to the sheep.

Just Go With It is a lame romcom that fails as both a romance and a comedy. The unlikeable characters coupled with Sandler's trademark high jinx makes for yet another boring, lewd, Adam Sandler misfire and with a runtime of almost two hours, it all lasts for far too long.

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