Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Franchises that deserve sequels

On movie blogs you always read lists about movies that shouldn't get sequels and a lot of posts that make sequels seem like they're a bad thing; almost as if the word "sequel" is a dirty word to movie fanatics. Well, I happen to enjoy many sequels and believe that there are certain movies that deserve them. Allow me to share with you a few particular franchises that I believe still have a bit of gas left in them.


Yes, it's finally been confirmed that a sequel to Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is coming out next year but fans of this cult classic have been waiting almost a decade to see this dream realized.

21 Jump Street (2012)

Again, a sequel to this year's 21 Jump Street reboot had already been green lighted before the first one was ever released, but after seeing it for myself it's easy to understand why.

Pitch Perfect

The characters in this movie are so sincere and so funny that when it was over, I immediately wanted more. Sure, I'll see it a few times to try and satisfy this need, but eventually I am going to want to see these characters take on something else. Here's hoping that they actually do!

Mission Impossible

A fifth installment for a franchise is pushing it, I'll grant you; however, it is rare for every installment in a franchise to be a this good. Not only is Ghost Protocol an awesome movie, but you could argue that it's the best of the four. Having said that, I think the only way I'd be open to another Mission Impossible is if it had the same cast from 'Protocol'. 

The Incredibles

Sure Pixar doesn't have a great track record with sequels (outside of Toy Story), but if there was ever going to be a sequel to one of their movies, it'd be this one! Superheroes hardly ever get just one movie, so the idea of a FAMILY of superheroes just begs for (at least) a sequel. Not to mention, the ending obviously suggests that the Incredibles are up for more!

Jeepers Creepers

Sure it's been almost a decade since the last Jeepers Creepers came out, but I think it's about time for a closer to a trilogy. The idea of this "Creeper" is about as original an idea we've had in the monster movie field in a long time and there's still more ground to be covered with it, if only for one last movie. Besides, the ending of number two hinted at a sequel.

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