Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's been more than a decade since The Sixth Sense, but Matt Damon is just now proving that Haley Joel Osment is not the only one who can see dead people, in Clint Eastwood's latest film Hereafter.

He has been in the game for decades and Clint Eastwood is still putting out one quality film after another and Hereafter is no exception.

Starting off with one of the most interesting opening scenes I've ever seen in a movie, we are taken all over the world, following three different plotlines in a way that only Eastwood can. From beautiful landscapes to magnificent monuments, Eastwood works his magic beautifully to keep the three plotlines going all the way up to where they all come together for the climax; the energy never dies in one or another and everything keeps in tact very well.

Matt Damon gives an excellent preformance as George Lonegan, a man who believes that his gift to connect with the dead is more of a curse. Cecile De France gives an Oscar worthy preformance as Marie LeLay, a journalist who has a life changing experience after she dies. These two are among a cast of very talented actors and actresses who all give stirring preformances.

The script in this film is awesome. Not only does this script have to power to pull at your heartstrings, but it also radiates conflict of lost. "Is there a hereafter?" is not the question here, it is "how do we deal with the loss of our loved ones and how can we accept death as indevitable yet move on from that and live our lives happily?". Wether you believe in a hereafter or not, we can all learn a lesson from this movie and that's importnat for a successful movie.

The ending, however, is slightly disappointing. Clint Eastwood is such a talented filmmaker who understands what makes a story unique and yet the ending is so cliche.

When it comes right down to it, the predictable ending does not ruin the overall film. This is a very entertaining, very emotional film filled with talented actors; it has a great script, and a great director.

Hereafter is one of the best movies of the year. I say see it.

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