Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Social Network

If we were still living in the 1990's and you told me that Justin Timberlake would co-star in one of the greatest movies of 2010, I would've been like: "You mean that guy from NSYC?".

The Social Network. So you probably know what this movie is about by now- Mark Zuckerberg and his $25 billion dollar website that nobody has ever heard of called Facebook. You would think that creating a massive online social gathering site off your laptop in your dorm while you are still a sophomore in college would be simple, right? Well there actually is more to it than that, much more. Your rich friend who pays for everything isn't getting "his slice of the pie", you are in the middle of two law suits, one of which is your bestest and only friend in the world, and if that wasn't enough, Sean Parker, the founder of Napster somehow gets invloved too. 

What can be said about this movie? Well, it's pretty, darn good. Everything about this movie flows evenly: the cast is great and clicks wonderfully, the director is one of a kind, and the script is almost inspirational.

This movie owes a lot of its success to its cast. Jesse Eisenberg is excellent as depressed, lonely, super-hacker Mark Zuckerberg. His preformance here is a career best so far that will be tough to top and it is definitely Oscar-worthy. Andrew Garcia brings most of the drama to the table in his role as co-founder of The Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, also a career best. And of course there is pop superstar Justin Timberlake who, shockingly, gives a stirring preformance as Napster founder Sean Parker. It goes without saying that this is, by far, is also an acting career high for the singer.

My friend, founder of his own popular site:, once said that David Fincher is probably the greatest director of our generation. Now, I like Fight Club and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button but I didn't exactly agree with him (I mean come on, Fincher got his start directing George Michael music videos!) until I saw this movie. Fincher excells in movies that deal with a fragmented timeline. He is the master puzzle solver who actually makes you take what you're seeing and piece it all together yourself and once again, he works his magic o make this one of the best movies of 2010.

Last but not least, there is Aaron Sorkin. Oh, Sorkin, we love you. We love your understanding of human interaction and how you get to the core of what real drama is. We love your work in writing The West Wing and A Few Good Men. We may not know exactly how you know what it takes to take real storiest, find the drama in them, and then whip up a very smart, very classy script about them, but we're glad you do it. Thank you, Aaron Sorkin.

Yes this movie has a wonderful cast, awesome direction, and one of the greatest scripts ever written, but I am here to tell you the truth in everything. This movie is very entertainning and it will keep you in your seat wanting more... that is if you do not have ADD and are interested in this story. This movie isn't as dramatic as it needs to be in order to be a really enthralling drama. There is a lot of talk and I mean A LOT of plain, old fashioned talk. However, if you care about the story and have the attention span, it really is a good movie.

See it, definitely.

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