Monday, October 25, 2010


So let me get this straight... It's another action-comedy starring Bruce Willis as a cop? Wait a second... didn't Cop Out suck? What's that you say? It also stars Morgan Freeman? Cool, but he hasn't done any big time action films for a while. Oh, Morgan Freeman punches Richard Dreyfuss in the throat? Cool! And you say it also stars John Malkovich as a paranoid, anti-government, senile, old coot who blows stuff up with a stuffed pig? I'm there!

So you're a retired CIA agent living on your own. You've given up the life of high speed chases, shootouts, and a really cool badge, what are you going to do now? Not much. In fact, you have nothing to do besides rip up retirement checks in order to continue talking with your cute case manager. So when the V.P. tags you Retired Extremely Dangerous, you are more than happy to assemble your old special opps team in order to hunt him down and get to the bottom of this.

Frank Moses- Alias: Bruce Willis: Same facial expressions and attitude he has in every other cop-comedy makes for a funny, yet predictable preformance.
Joe Matheson- Alias: Morgan Freeman: Although his preformance is brief, Freeman still manages to get a chuckle or two out of the audience.
Victoria- Alias: Hellen Mirren: Old lady doesn't take anything from the overall experience; however, we never benefit from her preformance.
Marvin Boggs- Alias: John Malkovich: The most plentiful source of humor in the movie. He makes the movie worth paying for.

SUMMARY: Willis and Malkovich have two of the most prominent roles in the film; however, everybody seems to be having fun playing their part and that, in turn, makes the movie that much more fun.

That German Who Directed The Time Traveler's Wife- Alias: Robert Schwentke: Fairly interesting camerawork takes this film from mediocre to  something actually entertaining.

SUMMARY: It might be interesting to see Schwentke take on another action film like this one.

Those Two Brothers Who Don't Really Have a Big Movie to their Name- Aliases: Jon and Erich Hoeber: Not everything these characters say or do makes sense, but in a way it kind of adds to the whole humor thing; however, it takes a lot away from the film and make it more difficult to follow along, if you care about the plot.

SUMMARY: These guys should probably spend their time writing more comedies and stop writing things like Whiteout.

CASE SUMMARY: This movie is ridiculous so don't walk into the theatre expecting to see some face-paced, witty, class act action film. Although it is face-paced, it is neither witty nor a class act film. It does its job as a comedy and thanks mainly in part to Malkovich and Schwentke, this film is worth seeing.


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