Friday, December 31, 2010

Bottom 10 of 2010

For every up, there is a down. 2010 has been a year of terrible films. Thankfully, I never saw most of them, but I have seen some really disappointing ones.

10. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

It's sad really. This film could have been great; it has the perfect story for a sequel, a passionate director, and an all-star cast who could definitely pull this off. Unfortunately, Money Never Sleeps suffers from lazy writing and fails to deliver any emotional connection or entertainment.

9. Shrek Forever After

What started out as a fun-loving, fresh, new take on the fairy tale genre has aged into... well, a big, stupid, ugly ogre. This fourth (hopefully last) enstallment in this long-lasting series is just as unfun and unfunny as the third and stands to show us that Hollywood has become a stubborn jackass.

8. Step Up 3D

Let's face it, the Step Up franchise has never been about being good films as much as it's been about showing off sweet dance movies, but when you charge money for that, it's just a crime. This film lacks logical dialogue or actual human soul and the "character development" and "drama" is pushed on you at the end. If only the movie had been as good as it 3D.

7. Nanny McPhee Returns

With her return to the big screen, Nanny McPhee brings with her a gassy crow, her magical walking stick, and all types of noisy, boisterous mischief and not in the good way. This film uses up most all of its magic trying to be fun and in doing so, scimps out on story or development of any type. The good nanny should have stayed away.

6. Dear John

More like "Dear God!". This cheesy, chick flick is filled with so much sappy romance that I could taste syrup. Nothing exists as entertaingment here and it spends all of its time trying to get you to cry and by the end, the only tears it was jerkin' from me were ones of bordem.

5. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


It's rare when a girly, teenage, fantasy novel turned movie pulls you into the story and makes you feel like you're emotionally connected with each character. It's even harder still to find one that has such terrific preformances and amazing script. Yeah, that is a rare thing. Guess we're going to have to keep looking.

4. Grown Ups

Adam Sandler puts out a great raunchy comedy every once in a while, but Grown Ups is not one of them. Screwball antics, grossout gags, and harsh jokes make up this buddies comedy. It's pretty much the same stuff in any other Adam Sandler film only not funny and nothing worth your time.

3. Clash of the Titans

Just when you though Sam Worthington's terrific acting streak was on hiatus, he comes back playing our hero Perseus, who journey's all over to save his city. Speaking of the hero's journey, this entire film made me feel like I was going through katabasis. Terrible acting and terrible writing make this terrible remake.

2. Skyline
When your movie relies heavily upon special effects and you only have a budget less than that of Adam Sandler's Grown Ups, and you only have enough left over to hire Donald Faison, a few B actors, and one setpiece, why would you still want to make that movie, especially after reading that script?

1. The Last Airbender

M. Night Shyamalan has had some big failures these past few year, but man this one is a doozy! There  is no story here, character development is zero, the action is boring, the expensive special effects are bad, the acting is terrible, the script is a disaster, and most of the names keep being pronounced wrong throughout the movie. I cannot wait to not see the rest of the trilogy when it doesn't hit theaters. Here's hoping that Shyamalan has better luck in 2011.

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