Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: TRON: Legacy

At first, Jeff Bridges vs. Jeff Bridges sounds like some crazy, awesome trip. Now add light cycle battles, Olivia Wilde, and the fact that it's all in 3D. What more could you possibly ask for, right?

Well, to start, some decent character development would be nice. Outside of Jeff Bridge's Kevin Flynn, character development almost doesn't exist. Sam Flynn was orphaned as a child, gets trapped inside his father's crazy game, has to fight to stay alive, falls in "love", and, by the end, never seems phased. Don't worry, he's not the only one; almost every other character remains static throughout the film which provides for a nice dose of  yet another boring Disney movie.

However, lack of character development is just a symptom of Tron: Legacy's overall affliction. Lazy script writing is what really plagues this film. Sure this film is not entirely boring, but nothing in this film is brought to its full potential. None of the characters were developed as well as they could have been, the cheesy dialogue gets cheesier as the movie progresses, and towards the end it becomes quite apparent that the writers started running out of ideas and after 28 years, this sequel should be better.

So what are some good things about this new TRON? Well, fans of Jeff Bridges will likely be brought back to the days of "the Dude" as Kevin Flynn ends many of his lines with "man" or "dude". Other than that, the 3D is actually quite good. Nothing is "in your face", but the 3D does add depth to the scenes that were intended for 3D viewing. Also, the soundtrack by Daft Punk is pretty freakin' sweet.

Sadly, the 3D itself is no reason to rush to the theaters. But like I said, TRON: Legacy is not entirely boring and will provide enough entertainment if you're not doing anything on a Friday or Saturday night.

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  1. I have to disagree. I saw the film in 3D Imax and feel that is the only way to see the film. Watching it on your TV at home or God forbid on your computer screen will discredit the visuals and soundtrack (great job by Daft Punk) leaving you only with a poor script.