Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Co-Review with Alex K: Black Swan

Everything about Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan is a good movie. There is a high level of craftsmanship from how intentionally claustrophobic the camerawork is to the special effects which felt natural and not overwhelming; however it is the acting that made this movie great.

Natalie Portman gives an enthralling performance as a young ballerina struggling to obtain perfection in her new found role as the lead in Swan Lake. Mila Kunis works opposite Natalie Portman as the new girl aspiring to take the lead. These ladies play well off each other and make each other's performances feel more genuine.

Aronofsky  perfects the tone of a horror/ psychological thriller in Black Swan with all the blood and "gotcha" moments; however, these things are only minor components to the overall feeling of the movie. To say this is a dark film would be an understatment. There is so much that goes on that, by the end, the audience is just as depressed and craized as Natalie Portman's character and that, within itself, is the true beauty of the film.


  1. With this being the hot film at the moment (especially since Tron Legacy dropped drastically at the box office) I expect more from a review than a summation of what every other critic out there is saying. Try to get some personal view in. This is a blog, not a newspaper column.

  2. I agree. There just isn't much I can say about this movie. I couldn't find that it was something I could describe to people, so I just covered the basics. This is a movie you have to see for yourself.